Infrastructure & Other Differentiators

Infrastructure & Other Differentiators

In addition to its solid economy and well-developed IT market, Brazil’s mix of capabilities establishes the country as a strategic sourcing destination:

Leading-edge Infrastructure

  • 100% energy self sufficient – oil  production matches consumption
  • 75 million passengers travel each year through the Brazilian airports
  • World leader in Ethanol technology and other bio fuels
  • Well developed telecommunication infrastructure: 5.6 million broadband Internet connections;  38.5 million landline phones and 99.9 million cell phones.

Industry Expertise

  • Global Process Standardization and Integration
  • Strong and well developed domestic market
  • World reference in banking systems, internet banking, real-time payments, internet tax collection, electronic voting

Low Geopolitic Risks

  • Macro-economic and political stability
  • No territorial, ethnic or religious conflicts/disputes
  • No earthquakes, no hurricane and tornado season, no active volcanoes

Competitive Cost Structure

  • Competitive and sustainable cost rates
  • Economy of scale

Friendly IT Business Environment

  • Protection of Intellectual property
  • Government support for software and IT services export initiatives
  • Business Continuity capability at a regional level
  • Cultural alignment and western business culture facilitates smoother and more effective interactions
  • Same time zone as the US east coast

Human Resources Quality and Predictability

  • Almost 1 million IT qualified professionals
  • More than 2,000 Universities & High Education Institutes
  • Strong education background and skill in multiple technologies
  • Blue-chip company experience

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