“When I first spoke with a ThinkInternational representative on the telephone, I did feel that my life would change. After other calls, e-mails, an interview and an offer I was sure that my life would be changing upside down, but the professionalism of my friends at ThinkInternational was so great that the move was really smooth. I can call them friends because they were supporting me all the time, worried about my family’s welfare and doing everything to make it feel like home, well beyond what usual businesses do. I am sure that everyone would prefer doing business with friends and that’s why ThinkInternational is so successful attracting talent and delivering the very best work. I appreciate the opportunity given to become one of it’s family members. I would become a part of ThinkInternational again anytime because I know they will do what is best for me!”

Jose de Melo

“I met Joanne and the people from ThinkInternational 6 years ago, when they went to Brazil to interview for job positions at the New York Stock Exchange.

Since then, I did not only get a great job and excellent job opportunities, but I got myself a new family in the USA. They are always available, always there for you whenever you most need them, just like your own family would. They treat everybody with the utmost respect and they show a level of loyalty level that I have never seen in this business. I have only good things to say about my new family, the ThinkInternational family. New York is an amazing city and it is my home now, and I have only them to thank for this. Wherever I may go in the future or whatever paths life forces me to take, I know I will always be able to count on them, and them on me.”

Fernando Cavalcanti Jeronymo

“I’ve been part of the Think International family as a client and a candidate since 1992. There is no one in this business more genuine and trustworthy than Joanne Diehl and Mike Starr and the rest of the Think International family.

The talent that Joanne and Mike provide has always been exemplary. They continue to be the primary vendor of choice when I have an opening to fill. We have recruited overseas in Europe and Brazil with amazing success. In one weekend, we were able to interview, prioritize and select from over 100 people; many of whom I continue to work with and consider my close friends. In addition, Joanne and Mike are in constant communication with their staff and the client to insure the match continues to be beneficial for both the employer and the employee. Joanne possesses a sixth sense that enables her to identify talent and resolve issues long before they even have to be raised with the client.

As a candidate, Joanne and Mike have been there providing the necessary feedback and encouragement to find the best match for my talents. They are career coaches, looking out for what’s best for the individual over the long run.”

Mike Prospect

“I was introduced to Joanne of ThinkInternational back in 1992 by a friend who was working in New York. At that time I didn’t feel ready to make the move, however 5 years later I was persuaded and became a consultant. So I’ve been working for them from September 1997 until April 2005 (when I took a full time position). If the time with the agency does not speak volumes, then I should also say that Think treats its consultants fairly and with respect. Recruitment is generally done by personal recommendations of the current consultants, ensuring the people they place are a known quantity, representing Think in a good way and showing the loyalty the agency has earned from its consultants.”

Gary Thom

“Working for Think International has been a pleasure for the last four and a half years. They were very supportive during all my transition from Brazil to the United States, taking care of everything from the paperwork to my settlement in a new country. Even during the uncertain times when the economy and hence the job market appeared to take a downturn, Think International was there to do anything in their reach to provide us with as much stability as possible. Recently, an opportunity came up for me to work in California to further develop my career. Think International supported me in my decision to relocate and created the conditions that made it possible. Beyond my professional relationship with Think International, I hold all their team as personal friends. Thanks for all !!!”

Gustavo Monteiro

“I’ve been a consultant with ThinkInternational for the last years. During this time they were more than attentive to both my professional and personal needs. Their relocation program and benefits made the transition run smoothly. Both my wife and myself are very grateful for the great opportunity they offered us.”

Paulo Sant’Anna

“Moving to a new country can be overwhelming. However, ThinkInternational was very supportive and my family and I truly appreciate that. In a short period of time, I have been given tremendous opportunities to advance to where I am now. For that reason, every day I am glad to be with ThinkInternational.”

Antonio Kantek

“ThinkInternational LLC is NOT your typical recruitment consultancy – when you become a member of the Think family, you will not be treated as a revenue generating robot (like other agencies), more importantly, you will be treated as a valued member of the Think family and you will never forget it.

ThinkInternational LLC is operated by a team of the most experienced, knowledgeable and helpful professionals in the industry. At Think, you are treated equally with the feeling that you are #1.

From the moment you join the Think team, you will feel like you have begun a journey that you will never look back on. From the day to day running of the consultancy, the opportunities offered, the flexibility and the generosity of the team, we believe that you cannot find this experience anywhere else.

It is inevitable that with any business there will be questions, queries, and issues to resolve. The Think team looks at your issues as their own and does the utmost to answer and resolve any questions or issues in a prompt and professional manner. The Think team strives to ensure that there is no undue stress and confusion to the Think family member.

We have been proud members of the Think family for more than 6 years and could not be happier. Sure, we have been offered opportunities elsewhere, but once you experience the warm and personal treatment with that professional touch you won’t want to leave Think for anywhere else – we certainly look at Think as our family away from home.

Words cannot express how happy we are at Think, and we actively encourage you to consider being part of the Think family – Trust us, you won’t regret it!”

Kirtesh and Rakhi Dusara

“I can only say many thanks for all ThinkInternational did for me. Their effort goes above and beyond any level of expectation. They are very professional. Best wishes and continued success!”

Marcia Mello

“When moving to work in a different country, it is important to deal with people who make all the effort to understand your needs and who really care whether you are happy or not. ThinkInternational is a place where you find such people.”

Rodrigo Carvalho

“ThinkInternational worked hard to find me a good position at a great company in New York. They supported my family and I from the very beginning, even before we left our home country. They were very professional and I would suggest them as the best way to work with IT in the USA.”

Carlos Ferreira

“I was used to work only for multinational companies before and when I received the offer from ThinkInternational I was afraid of assuming too much risk in moving to a place far from home without the support of a big company. Today I can look back and say: it was the right decision. ThinkInternational not only have as always supported us with the professionalism of a big company, but more than that it offered us an unprecedented friendly relationship that goes beyond the time of employment.”

Willer Reis

“Think stands out in its personal attention to each consultant. I always felt special working with the team. Communication is always prompt and people at Think know how to build lasting relations.”

Anurag Jain

“I still remember, the day mid-dec 2005 when I was welcomed into the family of Think International. My project was not suppose to start till Jan 2, 2006. Weeks before that, my wife and I were cordially invited to the yearly Christmas party. I remember walking out of the restaurant, and my wife was saying she was very impressed with whole gathering and and the unbelievable hospitality. Since that day, it has been immense pleasure to work with an organization (sorry family) like Think International.”

Asad Khan

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